Reasons to Visit Malta in 2017

Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries, spanning over just 122 square miles…but it’s not all about size, right? What Malta lacks in size is made up for in its culture, beaches, attractions and events. Located to the south of Italy and the east of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is widely regarded as a Mediterranean gem. Need more persuading? Here are reasons why you need to visit Malta in 2017…

Its beautiful beaches and coastline

Malta is an island made up of one main island, and two smaller islands – Gozo and Comino. Because of its island location, Malta is covered from all sides in a spectacular coastline ranging from luscious beaches, rugged cliff faces, and amazing rock pools. The main island boasts sandy beaches, but it said that the best beaches can be found on the two smaller islands – Gozo and Comino – so it is well worth a trip over there. If you’re not so interested in sunbathing, the cliffs and coastline of the mainland boast incredible snorkeling and kayaking locations. And with 10 hours of sunshine a day during the summer, you definitely won’t run out of time…

Experience its history

Malta is known for being rich in history and architecture. Its varied historical past means that the whole of Malta is varied, and you’ll see different monuments and architectural signs on each corner. Valletta is like your everyday city with its grid system, Zetjun has a more rural feel, with its olive crops and red soil, and Mdina is an area that seems to have a more Arab feel to it. As well as this, Malta was previously colonized by Britain, and remnants of this past scatter the country, and on your travels, you might pass your typical British chain stores, as well as the iconic red phone and mailboxes.

The nightlife is varied and exciting

From bars and nightclubs to shows and theatrics, the nightlife in Malta is never the same. For a good night out of entertainment and fun, Malta is the place to be. Why not have a few drinks on the sun terraces bar before heading over to the casino for a few games of Roulette? The largest casino in Malta is the Olympic Casinos ‘Casino Malta’ which is located on the coast in St.Julians. With over 29 table games, 300 gaming machines and 10 poker tables…you’re sure to have a good time.

Try out the Maltese food

Because of the varied history of Malta, their food is equally as varied. Malta’s main delicacy is their Pastizzis which are filo pastries usually filled with Ricotta cheese, chicken and vegetables – and take it from us, they’re delicious. The country also boasts a huge fishing industry, so after you’ve had a walk through the beautiful fishing village, you can try out their freshly caught produce. Fresh produce is something they pride themselves on and use local ingredients such as honey and rabbit in their food.  British pubs are also scattered around the country, so if you haven’t been to England and tried their Bangers and Mash before…well, now is your chance.

It has a relaxed vibe

The Maltese people seem to take life in their stride and live very relaxed lives, which can be a welcome retreat if you live in a bustling city. The sunshine and warm weather make the people of Malta extremely friendly people, and you will find that they will always be the first to welcome you and exchange niceties. If you ask for directions, be prepared to make friends, because it is more than likely that the local will walk with you until you reach your desired destination! Even in the busy cities, the people and places are still relaxed because they are not like your everyday cities with skyscrapers and glass buildings, and green gardens lie in scattered across the city to provide a beautiful release. Sounds like our kind of place…

It’s easy to navigate

Because of its size, Malta is incredibly easy to navigate. There are ferries that can transport you from island to island, and even Hop-on-Hop-off buses that will allow you to see the main sites and travel around the country as you wish. If you’re not a fan of public transport, you can always walk through the cities and villages and take in the views on a more personal level. Like the British, the Maltese drive on the right side of the road, so if you feel like hiring a car, just remember that. Or you might be in for a shock!


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