Why Your Summer Holiday Should be in Spain this year

If you find yourself staring frustratedly at a travel agent’s window, or scrolling uninspired through a list of holiday destinations, you should probably consider Spain. There’s a reason that it’s such a popular place to holiday, and whether that is the incredible weather (some parts of the country get over 300 days of the sun across a year!), the incredible food or the culture, it’s certainly worth a visit!

Although most of us automatically think of beaches when we hear Spain, it is actually the second most mountainous country, beaten only by Switzerland. The beauty of this is that in the space of just a few hours you can be skiing and then relax by the sea with a cocktail. The best of both worlds!

The culture of Spain is so varied; you can see Roman ruins in Mérida (if you’re lucky, there will be a show on too!), an Egyptian Temple in Madrid and a Moorish temple in Granada. To be able to explore such a diverse range of places in one country is pretty amazing!

You might not necessarily think of Spain as a place to visit casinos, but you could be surprised to know that gambling is bigger than you would imagine in Spain. Alongside greyhound tracks and sports betting, they also enjoy casinos too, and Madrid is the largest gambling city in Spain. It has six gambling facilities including the incredible Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones which boasts almost 40 table games, 25 poker tables and 200 variously themed slots and video poker machines. While you’re in Madrid, make sure to check out the Real Madrid football stadium tour, explore the beautiful Royal Palace and head to the Reina Sofia Museum to see such gems as Picasso’s Guernica!

Spanish people know how to party, and whether it’s a summer fiesta full of fun, the Running of the Bulls or the iconic (and very messy!) Tomatina, you will be welcomed like a local and encouraged to get involved for a once in a lifetime experience.

If you like to spend your time splashing about in a water park, you can’t get much better than Lago Martianez. The most beautiful waterpark, where instead of bright plastic monstrosities, you will find volcanic rock, palms, and seawater – plus it’s affordable too! There are, of course, so many hidden coves in Spain to enjoy if you fancy some water but perhaps something a little more relaxing (and perfect for Instagram shots too!).

If you look at all of these reasons and don’t immediately want to book a trip to Spain, then maybe you don’t even deserve a holiday?! (Just kidding, you do. But Spain is the best!)

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