Reasons to Visit Portugal in 2017

Portugal is one of the finest countries in Europe, and an absolute must for anyone wanting to enjoy a fresh, vibrant culture. In fact, we would rank it among our favourite ever holiday destinations. There is so much about Portugal to love, and that’s why this is a nation that deserves to be discovered and explored.

If you are planning a 2017 getaway, then you need to make Portugal your chosen destination. It’s affordable, picturesque, and there is plenty of variety. Here are some of the best reasons we can come up with for why your need to visit this wonderful Southern European country right now. Whether you check out Lisbon or the Algarve, know that Portugal has many hidden treasures for the curious traveller.

Wonderful Seafood

Portugal is right on the Atlantic Ocean, and, as such, is renowned for its seafood. There are so many places in Portugal that offer an array of simply sensational seafood. And this really needs to be sampled to be believed. Wherever you go in Portugal, make sure you eat as much seafood as you can. The Atlantic provide plenty of food for the country, and you won’t have tried seafood anywhere like it in the world. With almost 500 miles of amazing coastline, Portugal is arguably the fishing hub of Europe, and the prices are all crazy cheap too!

Music Festivals

You might not think it, but Portugal is renowned for its amazing music festivals. First of all, there is Fado, the exquisite style of music native to Portugal. If this rhythmic sound doesn’t do it for you (what’s wrong with you?!), then there are still plenty of musical options on offer in Portugal. Lisbon is host to many big name superstars, including Bruno Mars. And, the Sumol Summer Fest and Super Bock Super Rock Festival are absolute musts for your calendar.

Amazing Geography

The geography of Portugal is also something to write home about. It has a wonderful Atlantic climate and a rich and diverse landscape. There is the rugged North of the country, urban and industrial, and the River Tagus separates this from the rolling plains of the South. There is lush greenery, golden beaches, smoky cities, and mountainous peninsulas. No matter what sort of geography of landscape you look for, there is no doubt that Portugal has something to offer you. Just make sure you have plenty of space on your phone for photos!

Casino Estoril

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