Reasons to Visit Baden-Baden in 2017

Thanks to its temperate climate and spell-binding attractions, Baden-Baden is one of the top destinations in the world for travelers looking for a memorable experience. This destination is known for its spas, sporting activities, hiking trails, and not to mention the beautiful Black Forest. Here are our top reasons to visit Baden-Baden in 2017.

The Kurgarten (Spa Garden)

This is a good spot to start your journey through Baden-Baden. Kurgarten sits at the heart of Baden-baden’s many attractions, so you will be within proximity of the many cafes, galleries, boutiques and restaurants of the area. This is also the cultural hub of the town, with many concerts and festivals taking place, and it is also home to Kurhaus, the oldest and most popular resort in Baden-Baden.


The popular Kurhaus Resort is one of the finest architectural pieces in the world and one of the most visited destinations in all of Germany. These days it is as popular as ever as it plays hosts to many exclusive events, conferences, congresses, concerts and, of course, Germany’s oldest casino, which is often considered at the ‘most beautiful casino in the world.’ The casino has been around for more than 250 years, with its grand halls and stunning design attracting gamblers from all over the world.


Baden-Baden is home to Festspielhaus, the second largest opera and concert hall in Europe. Here you can enjoy international opera and ballet performances at its finest, while the hall also hosts concerts and is known for its spectacular acoustics. Many world-renowned artists have taken the stage at Festspielhaus, including the Mariinsky Ballet and Anne-Sophie Mutter, to name a few.

Fabergé Museum

This museum features more than 700 unique pieces from the famous Russian jeweller. The highlight, of course, is the Rothschild’s Fabergé Egg, an exquisite piece that was made in 1902 and estimated to be worth over €11 million. Another exhibition worth visiting is the ‘Gold of the World’, where you will be able to view over 100 artefacts from all over the world, many of which date back to the 6th Century.

Roman Bath Ruins

Baden-Baden is, at its core, a spa town, and has been a popular spa destination for more than 2 000 years. The town is home to the well-preserved Roman Baths Ruins and a two-meter high Roman wall, evidence of the Roman presence of the past.

The Baden-Baden Museum

Learn all about the town’s rich history at the Baden-Baden Museum, which houses plenty of impressive displays, exhibitions, sculptures and artefacts dealing with the Roman interest in the area during the 19th Century. You will also find artefacts relating to its health spa reputation as well as a fantastic collection of antique toys and games.

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